About Us

The Association of Young Journalists was founded in 2011 in Yerevan. During the first years of its activity the organization mainly implemented professional programs for young journalists and non-specialists interested in the media field.

However, starting from 2016, moving from Yerevan to Kotayk marz, Abovyan, the NGO has expanded the circle of its activities including the following strategic directions:

  • Contribute to the formation and establishment of civil society institutions in the Republic of Armenia
  • Promote balanced development of the Republic of Armenia and the well-being of its citizens through community development programs
  • Capacity building of youth, increasing their social activity and providing with employment
  • To promote the formation and development of a media field according to democratic values in the Republic of Armenia, to support the organization of journalist education, the implementation of scientific and professional activities.

Implementing more than 10 regional projects over the past 3 years, the organization has been actively collaborating with other CSOs in Kotayk, regional and local government, educational and medical institutions to increase the effectiveness of the projects and engage beneficiaries. We are always open to cooperation and mutual benefit.