Kotayk Tourism Center project stars

On October 10, in the town of Tsakhkadzor, Kotayk Marz, the official signing ceremony of sub-grant contracts of the project “EU for Culture: stronger communities and local initiatives’’

The project “Kotayk as Tourism Center” was launched according to the contract signed between the director of the DVV Internationals office in Armenia Ester Hakobyan and the president of the Association of Young Journalists NGO Arman Ghazaryan. Beneficiaries of this project will be multi-profile tourism institutions and cultural structures in the clusters of Arzakan, Bjni, Meghradzor, Artavaz, Hankavan in Kotayk Marz.

The goal of the project is to promote public awareness of tourism, cultural and natural resources in the target communities, to develop youth capacity and to increase tourism in these communities. And for this purpose, it is planned to develop the skills of the representatives of cluster tourism companies in the field of media literacy, tourism product sales, as well as to increase the visibility of cluster tourism organizations locally and especially internationally.