LED lighting in Nor Geghi, Geghashen and Lernanist communities of Kotayk marz

AYJ NGO implements 3 lighting projects in the communities of Nor Geghi, Geghashen and Lernanist in Kotayk Marz funded by EU and in partnership with ASBA Foundation.

The new lighting system will allow to have significant savings in recurring costs and to address them to solve other key energy efficiency issues. The new system will also provide high quality lighting, which will improve the quality of life in these communities.

The projects have been made possible through co-financing by the mentioned communities, and the total budget is 6.575.000 AMD. The project beneficiaries, represented by the active community group formed by them, will be directly involved in project implementation, quality control and transparency of the project for community residents.

Prior to the implementation of certain activities in the communities, a public awareness on energy efficiency was carried out in Abovyan, Hrazdan, Lernanist, Geghashen, Nor Geghi and Getargel communities of Kotayk Marz, followed by a participatory rapid assessment of energy efficiency issues. In Lernanist, Nor Geghi, Gegashen and Getargel communities active community groups have been formed and in collaboration with them projects aimed at solving identified problems have been developed. The 3 approved projects were in the communities of Nor Geghi, Gegashen and Lernanist, where the street lighting system is being upgraded with LED lamps.