Media Bridge: effective communication for the transparent governance

The  goal of the project is to develop the AYJ NGO’s educational and media service provision capacity by creating educational program and the online learning platform of Armenian regional NGOs engaged in monitoring and advocacy aimed at development of the capabilities of public communication and the implementation of the for the freedom of information toolkit.

The project will enable beneficiary organizations to effectively collaborate with the public policy makers in their field, as well as to ensure their accountable management through the use of the Freedom of Information toolkit.

The project envisages the implementation of needs assessment in the subject area among the beneficiary NGOs, and in order to meet them the educational materials – video lessons and educational guidelines will be developed. It is also planned to develop exemplary samples of PR Strategic Plan, Internal and External Procedures, and the Freedom of Information Toolkit applicable to the beneficiary NGOs by taking for granted the example of AYJ NGO and Freedom of Information Center.

The training materials will be disseminated through the online education system posted on the newly launched AYJ NGO website, as well as through social networks. At least 25 regional organizations will pass the online trainings, as well as be provided with the contact database of the largest Armenian media companies in order to establish effective communication with them. Beneficiary NGOs will also be able to receive personal coaching and mentoring from AYJ NGO to enhance learning by doing., as well as establish partnerships with the government agencies.